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There are many benefits to installing siding to your home that are not just to make it look good! Siding helps protect your home from the elements such as wind and rain. It can reduce your energy consumption in your home by adding an extra barrier against the cold. Siding can keep out pests and protect your exterior sheathing from moisture.

All our siding is installed in conjunction with house wrap and drip caps around windows and doors to ensure that your home is protected from the elements. All our siding products come in a variety of styles and color options to suit your home.

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Vinyl Siding

Cost-effective siding that comes in vertical or horizontal styles.

JamesHardie Siding

Fibre cement board that is long lasting, water resistant and non combustible. Options of panel installation or 8.25” cedar mill plank.

KWP Eco Siding

Engineered wood siding that has a natural wood look. Made from 100% pre-consumer recycled content.


Recycled rigid PVC plank with a natural wood look.

Steel Siding

Durable steel siding that comes in natural wood or gray scale look