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Maintaining your roof is essential to making your home a long-lasting investment. Over time, your shingles may start to curl, look worn or you might see water leakage coming from the area of your fascia boards. If this is the case, it might be time to do roof repair or replacement.

Asphalt shingles are a popular choice to protect your roof deck from the harsh elements. We install Landmark entry level shingles, which are a 35-year shingle and have the highest wind ratings in the business. Shingles are also installed with Rhino-Roof synthetic underlayment as well as Ice and Water protector on the eaves edge and valleys.

Another product we frequently install is roof edge. It is an additional flashing that is added to the junction of your roof and the eavestrough. This L shaped flashing kicks water away from the fascia board and into the eavestrough. This helps move water away from the eaves edge and increases the longevity of the shingles in this area.

If you are unsure of your roof’s condition or are experiencing water leakage from the eaves
edge, give us a call today!

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